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Hot sauce is not just a spicy condiment. It’s a conversation piece and well… it’s fun!  Behind every great brand is a great story and as a hot sauce lover and avid customer of many other brands of sauces, I always love telling stories about the makers of each unique hot sauce recipe I am sharing with guests.  Specialty sauces, like fine wines, need to be paired with the right kind of food.

Craft sauce food pairings:

  • Grilled boneless chicken thighs over sticky rice with sweet mango/peach habanero sauce
  • Chicken wings tossed in a rich, well salted vinegar base sauce mixed with melted butter
  • Southern California street style tacos with a rich, smooth verde style sauce
  • Just about any savory hot sauce or salsa on the market, with a couple eggs over medium, crispy potatoes and a warm flour tortilla to sop up any runny yolk and sauce that was left on the plate. *drool*
  • I might get some weird looks for this one but… one of my favorites… Original Tabasco all over any waffle house breakfast with hash browns “smothered and covered”. Something about the high vinegar content just cuts through all of that grease so well!

Anyway, those are just a few examples of fun and interesting conversation pieces that specialty hot sauces can “bring to the table”. How can we spark more interest beyond the kitchen table? I’m not talking about going to the diner and pouring sauce on a strangers meal, I’m talking about acquiring fun and unique merchandise from one of your favorite hot sauce brands.

What SoCal Hot Sauce is doing is creating new and exciting ways to share your love of rich, bold and flavorful sauce. Opening the door to your favorite conversation piece… hot sauce!

SoCal is now offering Limited Edition Apparel and Merchandise.  These products will constantly be changing. You might see one of these items on the website today, only to be replaced with a different one tomorrow. Check the limited edition section of the SoCal website often, and if you see something you like… get it before it’s gone!


The best part is that all these items will ship for free with a purchase of any 4-pack set of Hot Sauce or Guac Sauce!

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Feel free to read about our story and learn more about this family and veteran owned business.

If you decide to take advantage of this extremely great deal, we hope you enjoy the award winning sauces! For more information about this hot sauce brand, visit our website.

“California inspired. Carolina grown.”

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All 4 award winning hot sauces from SoCal Hot Sauce


Why Hot Sauce Awards Matter

Avocado Hot Sauce
The best verde style sauce in the world. At least that’s what our customers say.

The hot sauce industry is becoming a growing ecommerce business as the years go by.  The times where the sauce maker would stand at a demo table and put a few drops of their creation on a mini spoon for people to sample, are still around, but it is not the only way to prove the validity of their spicy product.  Selling online can be tricky, especially when it is an edible product.  When the customer cannot physically hold the bottle, turn it sideways to test the viscosity of the sauce, taste the sauce or acquire it instantly and use it for dinner that night it can be a little off-putting for them.

So… how can a hot sauce company validate that their sauce is worth a try, without providing all the aforementioned testing protocols?  They enter their best sauces in national award shows. Right now, there are about 4 national hot sauce awards that are widely recognized by the hot sauce community. These contests aren’t cheap and require a company to invest a good chunk of change to enter them. It’s safe to say that if a company is confident enough to bottle and sell their sauce recipes then they should be confident enough to enter in these contests. The hot sauce awards are judged by panels of chefs, big names in the industry and celebrity guests.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind being one of the judges, it sounds like a good time!

Recently, I overheard a sauce maker say Maybe I should send it in for an award? Nah… I don’t need validation that my sauce is the sh*t!” Which may or may not be true. But it isn’t the sauce maker that needs validation.  It’s the customer that is on the fence about which specialty sauce to buy next. It’s the person that is online looking at a photo of an edible product they can’t touch, smell or taste.  It’s the person that needs assurance about their purchase.  Sometime it’s not enough coming form the guy or girl that makes it telling them that it’s “the sh*t”. It holds a lot more weight when the assurance is coming from subject matter experts, that have unanimously voted, that the hot sauce you are looking at is the best in the nation of that particular style.

Ghost pepper hot sauce
Hot Red SoCal Hot Sauce. Just a touch of ghost pepper gives it a nice pleasurable heat.

In the first 6 months of existence, SoCal Hot Sauce® racked up a total of 10 national and some international awards. Including the Golden Chile Award for The Original Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce™ from the 2017 Fiery Foods Show at Zest Fest in Irving Texas, one of the top awards a hot sauce company can earn. SoCal also uses the validation of “The Foodie Award” from the 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards for the best food pairing, SoCal Hot Red on eggs.

To learn more about SoCal Hot Sauce® and SoCal Guac Sauce™ visit or find us on Amazon for a killer deal.

avocado hot sauce recipe, guacamole recipe, hot suace, guac sauce
The Original SoCal Guac Sauce, winner of multiple national awards. Including the coveted Golden Chile, one of the most prestigious awards in the spicy food industry.

The SoCal Hot Sauce Story


The Geist Family
I may be no longer able to serve my country, but I’m still able to serve these three. Thank you to everyone who supports SoCal Hot Sauce™ so I can support them. ~Tom Geist Owner, SoCal Hot Sauce LP

Tom & Brittany Geist were born and raised in sunny Southern California, fell in love at their high school prom, and have been together ever since. Tom joined the Marine Corps in 2003 and was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq for 11 months. Thanks to a diet of mainly Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), which need some help to go down easy, his lifelong love of hot sauce became an addiction.

That hot sauce addiction presented a problem and what turned out to be a life changing opportunity. In late 2010 Tom was transferred to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Headquarters in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. After relocating his family and falling in love with the people and community in North Carolina, he realized something was missing – the classic flavors of Southern California “hole in the wall” taco shop sauce. After searching high and low he realized there was only one solution… make his own. Without knowing it at the time, SoCal Hot Sauce was born.

Tom started with recipes passed down from his grandparents who grew up in Morelia, Mexico and his wife Brittany’s grandparents who grew up in San Angelo, Texas. He mixed those recipes together with flavors picked up over the years frequenting SoCal taco shops and unique peppers grown in his Carolina backyard. Brittany bought squeeze bottles so Tom could take his creations to work to enjoy on his lunch and share with his co-workers. It didn’t take long before those friends caught the addiction and started offering to pay him to make them a bottle or two. A few bottles turned into a few too many bottles so they decided to sell what they had left on their local yard sale website in Sneads Ferry, NC. A wide range of people from the surrounding military towns came to Tom’s house to acquire his creations. One man bought 4 bottles of sauce and texted Tom 5 minutes later as he was driving. The man texted “Just tried your sauce on my finger, so good! I’m making a u-turn and I’m getting 4 more bottles!” to which Tom replied, “Ok great! But sampling, texting and driving might not be such a good idea!”. The rest of the sauce was sold out in one night and the customers came back for more! The majority of those customers have become close friends of the Geist family and are a major support system and ambassadors for Tom and Brittany’s business.

Tom and Brittany spent the next year and a half making and selling their sauces online and at festivals under the “TG’s Hot Sauce” name. A name that had no major thought put into it other than the fact they needed a name to be a vendor at local festivals and online.  TG’s Hot Sauce was a hobby. It was a fun way to make a little extra cash to put gas in the tank and pay for their kid’s school supplies, clothes and other odds and ends. But most importantly, it was a testing ground. It was a proof of concept. It showed Tom and Brittany what it would take to move their business to the next level. It showed them what flavors of their sauce sold the best and which ones sold the worst.

Something else happened during that year and a half Tom was making and selling TG’s Hot Sauce. After 11 years of honorable service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Tom was unable to re-enlist due to service limitations and current draw down policies. In March of 2015 Tom was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and was having trouble finding work. A few months went by and Tom was able to land a job at a local NC state prison as a correctional officer.  But that was not Tom’s passion. In fact, he hated that job. But as a husband and a father he did what was necessary to support his family. Tom’s passion was being a Marine and serving his country, however, that was no longer an option. On the other hand, Tom had been developing a new-found passion with his hot sauce.

In a society where securing a job that can support a family of 4 with little education is very tough. Tom decided to use his military experience, discipline, courage and knowledge to create his own job. Tom no longer works at the prison and on September 25th, 2016 Tom enrolled in college and is pursuing a business degree with a certificate in media marketing. On that same day, Tom and Brittany launched their new, upgraded and very professional looking brand of hot sauce. What started as a passion, turned into an obsession, is now SoCal Hot Sauce™ “California Inspired, Carolina grown.”


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